The Failure of Elites.

In a healthy society, decades of obvious failures by elites would force a change of ideas or a change of leadership. Neither has happened, The same class of lawmakers, journalists, and business chieftains holds power, despite their dismal record, America now has not only one of the least impressive ruling classes in history, but also the least self-aware. They have no idea how bad they are. There’s a reason for that. The path to the American elite has been well marked for decades. Perform well on standardized tests, win admission to an elite school, enter one of a handful of elite zip codes, marry a fellow elite, and reproduce….pg 14–Ship of Fools–Tucker Carlson.

Comments/ by me: Old ways are not working, seems to me, it’s all about awareness, and each of us examining our hearts…and realizing the spiritual battle taking place. Everything and everyone aligns themselves through their belief system, be it God oriented or worshiping the devil…wake up…Frankly my Dear…(if you’re not awake).

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