Mystery of the Jubilee

Mystery of the Jubilee 50 years, whatever you lost, you get back land, ancestral positions, even Jerusalem.

FIRST: 1917 Year of Jubilee plus 50 years equals 1967, 6 day war.

1967 + 50 years equals 2017 ( Remember December 6th 2017) legal restoration of Jerusalem and its sovereignty…. sometimes people are led to do things and they don’t understand it, but God does.

Double Jubilee: 1917- 2017… 100 year anniversary of Jubilee.

2017- year that the TRUMP begins to sound, the land returned to the original owner.

So we ask ourselves,

Is it Supernatural that Trump’s name is Trump? (Trumpet)

Trump is the ancient Jehu the ‘overturner’, overturning the legacies of Obama and Clinton. Trump is an ‘overturner’.

The Temple of Baal will fall, H. Clinton, (Jezebel), Trump ( the modern day Jehu)… H Clinton was thrown down like Jezebel.

Excerpts from J. Cahn…. if you haven’t read the ‘Paradigm’ by Jonathan Cahn, you simply should and must…Frank…. connect the dots… God’s prophecy will be fulfilled every Jot and Tittle don’t be fooled…. above post is simply a lead in for some deep study… seek and you will find…. you won’t hear this on the news.

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