Selling Out Christ’s Bride.

Imagine a man going on a business trip and leaving his wife in the care of a trusted friend. Now imagine that this friend decides the young woman needs to make more acquaintances for the good of her husband’s business. But in his mind, she isn’t an attractive kind of person. So, he proceds to dress her in revealing clothes and parade her in the public square to get the attention of men, and they in turn, invest in her husband’s business. We have been given a great responsibility: the care of the church. Are we guilty of dressing up the church in a way to attract more members? The church becomes a beggar willing to do anything in exchange for an hour of attendance on Sunday, rather than a bride keeping herself pure for her betrothed. Will Christ thank us for this, or will he be angry that the church is dressed like a harlot?

Comments: I used to be ( over the years) fairly heavily involved with the local church/churches; But as time went on I felt pressured to conform to the cookie cutter standards that the church upheld…

God has blessed me with the gift of witnessing/ evangelism… what I experienced was most of the churches seemed to be concerned more about appearances than the gifts I had to offer…. in other words I think I was perceived as being a little too bold and controversial, and they wanted to keep me in a box and conform to their idea of what a Christian should be…. didn’t work for me… but I’m still active in other ways serving the Lord…… Frank.

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