Satan’s Intention

Satan’s intention in the Temptation was to make Christ sin, so as to thwart God’s plan for man’s Redemption by disqualifying the savior. God’s purpose ( notice that the Spirit Led Jesus to the test) was to prove his son to be sinless and thus a worthy savior. It is clear that He was actually tempted; it is equally clear that he was sinless.

( 2 Cor. 5: 21) Hebrews 4: 15.

Comments: The ancient struggle between good and evil has manifested through history, look around in our culture today and in our politics…. also our media is mainly Satanic, basically promoting the doctrine of lawlessness… notice how most of the media dare not venture into the spiritual nature of things… they haven’t a clue as to what they’re promoting, and what is coming… (Tribulation) the wheat will be separated from the chaff…Frankly My Dear…. from my personal Bible study.

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