The Chrysalis

He picked up the caterpillar and placed it on the olive tree. ” But one day the caterpillar climbs up a tree, hangs itself upside down, and begins to form around its body a hard protective shell, a chrysalis. In the chrysalis that which was the chrysalis comes to an end. Only in its dying as a caterpillar can the creature undergo a metamorphosis. And when the metamorphosis is complete a new being emerges from the shell of the chrysalis. The new creature no longer has anything worm like about it. It is now winged and beautiful. It will never again crawl through the earth and never again be earthbound. It will live in the image of the one who gave it life… as the winged creature it was always meant to become”.

The caterpillar is given life by the butterfly, we are given life by God. As the caterpillar crawls through life earthbound and unaware of the purpose for which it was born so man goes through life, earthbound and unaware of the purpose for which he was born, We see with wormlike eyes, think wormlike thoughts, and live wormlike lives.

But to some of these earthbound creatures a miracle happens… they allow themselves to die to the old, to the earthbound wormlike life. And yet in their dying to their old self they begin a metamorphosis. The earthbound life dies. But what emerges in its place is a different life, a new creation, beautiful and no longer earthbound but now heavenly and made to dwell in heavenly realms… and what it was always meant to be.. a heavenly being in the image of him from whom it was given life in the first place.”The new birth the new creation”. ” Yes the metamorphosis of the children of God, born as earthly creatures but reborn as the children of heaven the Gospel of the butterfly”.

Mission: Move away from the earthbound– everything in your life that is tied to the world, to the flesh and sin. Move into the realm of the heavenly. Start flying… Piece from Jonathan Cahn’s wonderful book…The Book Of Mysteries.

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