Beelzebub means ‘lord of the flies’ a guardian deity of the Ekronites (2 Kings 1:2) but used by the Jews as an epithet for Satan. The name may have been a mocking Hebrew alteration of Baal-Zebul, a local archdemon of Northern Palestine and Syria. For Jesus’ enemies to allege that he was possessed by Beelzebub was the worst kind of blasphemy.(Mark 3:22).

Comparing this scripture to modern-day circumstances, I can only say that the Democratic Party and others are the Lord of the Flies…. think about it, mainstream media perpetuating lies about our fantastic President Donald Trump; having no regard for him or his family and the great work that he has done and will continue to do… remember the flies buzzing around Hillary Clinton’s head?…. she is Queen of the Flies…Frankly My Dears.

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