The Mystery of Europa

Jonathan Cahn paraphrased.

The scriptures prophesy that in the end times there will be a World Civilization characterized by godlessness and Evil. They also foretell of a great falling away in the last days, a great apostasy from the ways of God, how do the two go together what are the requirements of an apostasy?… it requires that one has once known God, otherwise there could be no falling away.

Many civilizations that once new God have ended up civilizations of evil. Think of Europa or Europe, the continent was once the center of promoting God’s word… but it turned away from God and was seduced my other gods, other Gospels, Communism, Humanism, Fascism, Nazism.

Never forget the warning of Europa: A civilization that once new God which in its turning away from God produced more destruction than any civilization in human history.

When continents or countries turn away from the light darkness will abduct you…. we need to guard our hearts stay away from other gods and idols, love the Lord with all your heart and strength, and you’ll never be touched by the seduction of Europa.

Temptation often leads to destruction. 2 Timothy 3: 1-5…12; 4:1-5.

Comments: Why does it seem that we are doomed to repeat history that is so obvious in it’s failure?…. everything good and bad is spiritual in nature, that manifests in our flesh…Frank…. hats off to Jonathan Cahn and his Book of Mysteries.

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