Don’t Worry We Have A Great Hope

Revelation 21.

Having introduced John to the wall, gates and foundations of the City, the angel next measures the major dimensions of the New Jerusalem, using a reed that measures about 10 ft long, the unit of measure common among the Jews, with which to measure the city, it’s gates and it’s walls, the angel finds that the city is square, it’s length and breadth being the same, twelve thousand furlongs; since a furlong is equal to 582 feet, the measured distance is equivalent to 1342 miles, often spoke of as 1,500 miles.

Comments : Imagine the New Jerusalem, scripture says it comes down from heaven… and could possibly relate to a reference of the scripture; “I go and prepare a place for you”… apparently it will be hovering just above the earth or connected in some way… made of beautiful Crystal and other gems… this structure stretches out into outer space…. can you just imagine the beauty, the peace that finally comes?… yes we have a great hope and promise…. reference Bible. Org.

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