The one true God, so close yet so far away… who can know You the unknowable?… I wonder at your appearing as wind in the trees, as warmth from the sun, coolness of a sweet summer rain; heightened awareness of blood coursing through my veins… the fine tuning of my five senses, the shifting scales of pleasure and pain, the miracle of gray matter my brain… as I window-shop this life, I’ve found the simplest of things are my treasure, a wild mountain rabbit resting securely in the wet grass, big eyed and nose always twitching… My flesh walks around holy and pious, my hands behind my back like some enlightened Monk… I’ve learned I know very little, my self awarded holiness, filthy, obscene, and failing… I try to keep my footsteps silent like I’m not here, but God hears them and knows exactly who I am….. Frankly my dears, God is evident but unknowable.

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