Dwelling Place

I’m perched on tree limbs of quiet these days…now sixty four and stumbling on… my claws are losing their grip…

Calming down, observing all growing keen in my senses… finding peace in awkward stillness, a solitude I should have embraced long ago… slow dawning that I had to seek it…

Often times tending to be anxiety-filled and restless… just to get things done… now I take it easy, like when I’m folding clothes… more aware of patterns, shapes, colors… the percentage blend of cotton and polyester… pants, shirts and socks.

I’m learning to let it all go… let it all go where it will… the stuff of life keeps coming, the good and the bad, no matter how you plan or do

Learning to find peace in the midst of ever changing circumstances… I’ve found my Dwelling Place deep inside.

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