What You Do To Israel Will Be Done To You.

Studies with Jonathan Cahn

Don’t worry about Barack Obama and his minions. Prophecy is being fulfilled. Barry did not want Benjamin Netanyahu to be elected & interfered with that election. (That is against Israel and God’s will). Barry sent money to Iran the leading sponsor of terrorosm in our world.( another interference).

Let’s look at some 4000 years of History, those that were for Israel & those against…. all found in the Abrahamic Prophecy… ancient Egypt, Babylon, the Romans, the Greeks, the British coming up to America… those that were against we’re destroyed, those that were for Israel…starting withThe British Empire… leading to the greatest country America which has supported Israel ( we’re blessed)…. the history is clear the future is clear… what you do to Israel be you a person or a nation will be done to you… Barack Obama’s Legacy will be destroyed… don’t worry about it God is in control….Frank

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