The Final Mystery…Jonathan Cahn Excerpts….The Oracle…Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled Pt 2.

” And what is the mystery all about?”….”Redemption,” he said. “At the center of the mystery is redemption. Who is it that the Jubilee is for? For the exiled, the separated, the broken, the fallen, the one who has lost. So to a world separated from God, a world of fallen lives and broken people, what is the Jubilee? It is the ending of the separation. It’s the love of God reaching out to those in exile…. to restore the broken, to raise up the fallen, to bring back the lost. What is that? It’s Redemption”, he said, to be restored, brought back, healed and saved, it’s redemption, It’s the missing piece. “How so?” ” In Hebrew the word for salvation is Yeshua. From that same word comes the Hebrew name Yeshua, the real name of Jesus. If all loss begins in separation from God, then all redemption begins with the ending of that separation. That’s the meaning of Yeshua. It’s through him that salvation comes. So it was foretold in the Hebrew prophecies that Messiah, through his death, would make atonement for our sins and cleanse us from iniquity. If you make an end of sin, then you end the separation… then the Exile is over and OUR Exile is over…. Part 3 coming soon… visit me on Twitter…@FrankPayton13…. or view over 1000 posts at…(my blog) current following on Twitter about 3700… join in the revelation…. also credit to Jonathan Cahn…. a man of divine vision and inspiration.

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