Excerpts from Jonathan Cahn’s “The Oracle, The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled”, here friends is wisdom.

” But everyone hasn’t left their land or lost their ancestral possession.” “And yet everyone has. Therein is the mystery. Everyone has departed and everyone has lost what belonged to them.” “I don’t understand.”

“Because you were born into it and haven’t known anything else.” “Born into what?” ” A world of separation, a world fallen and separated from that which is perfect and pure and good, a world estranged from the purpose for which it was created; a world fallen into darkness and evil, fallen from the light. And so everyone born of this world is a child of seperation, separated from God by the darkness,by sin. Remember, ” he said, “With the nation of Israel what happens in the physical realm speaks of the spiritual.” ” So the physical exile speaks of a spiritual exile.” “Yes but it speaks of an exile that has to do with everyone.” ” An exile from what?” ” As the children of Israel dwelt in Exile from the Promised Land, so the children of this world dwell in Exile from a spiritual Promised Land.” “Which is what?” ” An exile from the life you were created to know…” he said, “the life you long to live, a life of fullness and purpose, of blessings, of joy. THAT is your inheritance and the inheritance of all those created in His image, the life they were born to know and live, their ancestral possession.” “But how can something be your ancestral possession or your homeland if you’ve never been there?” “The same way the Promised Land was the homeland for generations of Jewish people who have never been there. But they knew they could never truly be at home apart from it. So it is for those of this world. “What does that mean?” “Tell me,” said the Oracle ” why is it that you never feel at home”? “At home where?” “In this world, when you were a boy lying on the grass, looking up at the sky, longing for heaven, when you knew in your heart there had to be more to life than what you found in this world, when you cried out in your tears, you and every child of this world. “Did you ever think it strange,” he said, to spend your entire life in this world, to know nothing else but this world … And yet to never feel at home within it?” “Why is that”? “Because it ISN’T home, so no matter how long you live in it, and no matter how familiar it becomes, your heart can never be fully at peace within it.”How could you feel at home in a world of sorrows and pains, and fears and rejections and broken dreams and tears and heartbreaks and losses and failures and sins and shame and evil and emptiness? You could never feel at home in this world because it’s not your inheritance. It’s not your land. And it’s not what you were created for. That’s why you feel what you feel. That’s why you always sense something missing… You and everyone else in this world. Everyone senses it, because something is missing. That’s why you’re always longing for something more and searching for something better… for the good, the perfect, the pure, the right, the true, and the beautiful.” “WE SEARCH FOR IT BECAUSE IT’S WHAT WE WERE CREATED TO FIND”? “Yes he said ” that’s why you came here. You didn’t come here seeking only for the meaning of the vision, you came here searching for what was missing.” “And what was missing? ” What the mystery is all about.” “And what is the mystery all about”?,”REDEMPTION”– to be continued,Frankly My Dears.

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