Anyone Too Far For God To Reach?

” Is there anyone so separated, so far from God, that they’re beyond redemption, beyond hope… beyond the love of God?” “Is there any sin so great” he said, ” that God’s love is not greater still?…Consider what you been shown. The Lord brought back the children of Israel from the ends of the earth. It didn’t matter how far away they were. He gathered them as a shepherd gathers his flock. They were gone for ages, but He never forgot them. He never gave up on them. And he never forgot his promise. Even after thousands of years he kept his word. He restored them. So what was hopeless to the world was not hopeless to God.”The answer to your question is no. There is no one so far away that His arms aren’t longer still, no sin so great that His love isn’t stronger still, and no life so hopeless that His redemption isn’t greater still. And if he didn’t forget his ancient people, neither will he forget you. And if he didn’t give up on them, neither will he give up on you. And if he kept his word to them, so too will he keep his word to you. ‘For with God nothing will be impossible”…. “So how do you return?” “It’s all in the mystery”, he said.” In Hebrew to return is to repent and to repent is to return so how do you return?… You repent. You turn to God. You come back. You open your heart to His love and his forgiveness and you come home….” It can begin with a simple prayer… you ask for mercy, for cleansing and forgiveness, for redemption and restoration. And you find it in the love, the hope, the sacrifice, the name of Messiah”.”So the Messiah is the doorway to the Jubilee”…” Messiah is the Jubilee”…. Think what our Lord has done…He is the only one that pre-existed…. spoke everything into existence by the power of His word…. decided to correct man’s Fallen state by coming into His own creation which rejected Him and killed Him…. but the grave couldn’t hold Him…He is the only one that overcame death…. one of humanity’s biggest enemies…. see friends we weren’t made to die… God is not the author of death..He’s the author of life… if you are IN Christ you have His eternal life…. the same resurrection power that raised him will raise you….Frank…@FrankPayton13–Twitter….or….(my blog)… May the peace of God fall upon you….my comments and writing from Jonathan Cahn…The Oracle….The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled… quite possibly one of the greatest books ever written…

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