Made To Live On Earth…

Earth men and Earth women in Earth suits living on the earth…. Traveling through space, many beautiful spiraling universes… Science says that we can travel at the speed of light…186,000 miles per second for billions of years and not come to the end of the known universe… yet in our travels we suddenly come upon the planet Earth… it’s Oceans…it’s Atmosphere… it’s Moon… absolutely accommodating for human life… and it doesn’t take long to realize what a special place it is… I believe God was very intelligent in realizing how big he had to make the heavenlies… after all if we just had earth or our solar system we would become bored rather quickly…. so I say human beings were made to live on Earth….( that is in our current organic form and its limitations for space travel)… Einstein figured out that if a human could travel at the speed of light for years and years and then was to return…an unimaginable amount of time would have passed….say a person left in travel for 5 years at the speed of light….. if they returned some 60 to 70 Thousand Years or whatever the calculation is… would have passed…. so what am I really getting at here…. we are made in the image of God…. God is an eternal spirit….He’s beyond and not in need of time and space… so the spirit that God put in you is eternal… once you leave your body your spirit will live forever…. in my humble opinion we are in a lower life-form compared to the ‘spiritual being creations’ of God.. once we shed this body…. and receive our resurrected bodies… we leave time and space and all the unfortunate things that go with being a human being in this Fallen World and are free forever….Free Thoughts of Frank Payton…@ FrankPayton13–Twitter….or…(my blog)

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