The Final Mystery…cont…

” Messiah is the Jubilee”….”And then what?” I asked…”Then you live it”… “And what does that mean?” “Then you live in the power of the Jubilee the power of restoration”….”And the power of the Jubilee is…?…”The power to leave the darkness, and the ways of separation, the life you were never meant to live… and the person you were never meant to be… It’s the power to break free of the past and of every chain of bondage…. It’s the power of new beginnings… the power to walk in newness and  become the person you were created to become… a beloved Child Of Heaven…And it is the power to regain your inheritance and and the blessings you were born to know…”How?”…” The same way you would regain inheritance in the Year of Jubilee… You stand in the authority of your redemption and you enter it. You dispossess the darkness. For in the power of the Jubilee the darkness has no more authority over your life, no sin, no fear, no bondage, no addiction, no failure, no shame or any other darkness. Every dominion is broken. By the power of Jubilee you dispossess it and enter your inheritance”…”And yet”, said the oracle,” there is more”…”More?”…”one last revelation”…” what is it”?….. to be continued…. reference Jonathan Cahn’s masterpiece: The Oracle: The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled…. my thoughts and comments interjected at times. Comment: While we are in this flesh body… life will always be a struggle…it’s not that we will become perfect not in this life… but if we falter we repent and the father forgives us… yet we strive for perfection… our Perfection is found in Christ… when God looks upon our spirit Souls… he either sees the blood of Christ covering or not covering…. God uses no other way for eternal judgment… anything else would be unfair….Frankly My Dear….@FrankPayton13….or…(my blog)

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