The Final Mysytery…cont

We arrive at wisdoms doorstep… read this often as it will bless you each time…

“In the final Jubilee it will be as it was always meant to be, as in the beginning. There were no tears, no pain or sorrow. Now listen to what is written of the end.

God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.”So the ultimate land of Jubilee….is heaven”…And the Promised Land a shadow of Heaven?…” Yes of heaven and Paradise”…” So the return of the Jewish people to the promised land is a shadow of entering Paradise, entering heaven?”….”Yes, it is appointed for every child of God to enter the Promised Land”…”What then?”…”Then all will be Jubilee then the Exile will be over… and we’ll be home”…”So Heaven is our ultimate ancestral land?”…”Heaven” he replied “is home”…” what about Jerusalem?” I asked…” Jerusalem was at the center of all the Jubilean Mysteries and at the center of the return. His people always returned to Jerusalem. So does Jerusalem have any place in the final mystery?….”It does”, said the Oracle….”And so in the very last pages of the Bible it is written: and he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain and showed me THE GREAT CITY,THE HOLY JERUSALEM, descending Out of Heaven from God, having the glory of God… the city had no need of the Sun or of the moon to shine in it… for the glory of God illuminated it, the Lamb is its light…” So Jerusalem is also a shadow of Heaven?”…”It is… As the Earthly Jubilee centers on an Earthly Jerusalem, the final Jubilee centers on the Heavenly Jerusalem. And it is written that within that Jerusalem…. they shall be his people. God himself will be with them and be their God… “Who is the Jubilee”, he asked, “that everything returns to?”… “The original owner”. “And who was the original owner of everything?”….”God”…”So in the last Jubilee everything will return to him to whom it belongs. They shall be his people, God himself will be their God. In other words we will be His, and He also will be ours. He will be our possession”. So the ultimate mystery of the Jubilee, the ultimate possession isn’t so much a land or a kingdom, it’s God himself…”Yes”… said the Oracle, ” the ultimate exile is not to be separated from the land–but to be separated from God, So too the ultimate return is not a return to a land– but to God”. The first possession lost will will be the final possession restored. In the end our ultimate possession is God himself… He’s the missing piece, apart from which everything else is empty… and without which nothing else has meaning, not even life, not even Heaven itself. “So the ultimate return is the return of God to us and us to God”…”Yes… Each is the missing piece of the other…And in the Jubilee each shall return to his own possession…. we shall be his and he shall be ours….” What happens after that?”…” Did you see anything in your vision after the 7th door?”…”There was no other door”….” there was no other door because there is no AFTER THAT… on the 7th door was a symbol, it was the Hebrew letter AYIN…AYIN Begins the Hebrew word OLAM. OLAM stands for that which is everlasting, eternal, forever… the last Jubilee is of the OLAM. It has no end. “It has no AFTER THAT…THE LAST JUBILEE IS FOREVER”…. to be continued…. visit me @FrankPayton13–Twitter acct….or…(my blog)…. all credit to Jonathan Cahn… please get his fabulous book…The Oracle: The Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled…. comments by me…. Frank Payton

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