Back To The Beginning Of The Final Chapter…

Having come full circle let’s go back to the beginning and look at something beautiful.

“Tell me,” said the Oracle, ” in all that’s been revealed to you, what have you learned?” I didn’t answer him right away. I didn’t think there was any way I could. There was so much to sum up. But then I attempted it.

“I’ve learned… that God is real.” “And you didn’t know that before?”.”I did, and I didn’t. At times I felt it, and at times I didn’t. But it’s beyond that now. It’s not a matter of feeling. God is real and more than real… more real than the world.” “And why do you say that?” “There’s no way that all these things could have happened apart from the reality of God. The prophecies alone… to foretell human events from ancient times and against all odds of their coming true, and yet thousands of years later they come true. Even in the modern world, with all our technology, we still can’t foretell such things. And yet thousands of years ago it was all foretold by shepherds and farmers, simple people with nothing, and it all came true… that fact alone. And all the other dimensions of the mystery, all the details, all the precise quirks, and twists and turns… all happening at the exact appointed times, in the exact ways, in the exact places, all brought to their appointed times and places by an unseen hand over the course of Millennia…No one but God could have done it and nothing but his reality can explain it.” “And what does it tell you about the word, the scriptures?” ” “The word is real… and also more real than the world.” ” And you say that because of what?” “Because the world changes, but the word remains. And in the end the world and everything in it conforms to the word and to it’s purposes.”

“What else does it reveal?” asked the Oracle, ” That nothing is an accident…If the veil wasn’t removed, you could miss it. And it could appear as if there was no purpose, But it was all there. Nothing is an accident, the world, history…. life…It’s not random. It has a purpose, even when you can’t see it. It means something. It has meaning and a purpose.”

“Yes,” said the Oracle, ” a purpose not just to the world, and not just to history, and not just to life, but to EACH LIFE. No life is an accident.No life is without meaning. To each is a purpose… to yours.” ” To mine…” “To yours”… “Specifically…” ” To yours specifically… Even when it seemed to be without meaning and purpose, even when you couldn’t make any sense of it… there was a reason and a purpose… just as there was in the mystery. The hand of God was there, moving all things for the purpose and hope of redemption… even when you asked why and found no answer.” ” Even as I asked why, that was in my vision. But I haven’t told it to you yet.”It was not just in your vision,” he replied, ” but in your life. You asked God why but you didn’t hear an answer. There was a reason and a purpose. And so it is written, “I I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord, ” plans of peace and not of calamity to give you a future and a hope.” “That’s in the scriptures?” “Yes, and that scripture is also more real than the world, and than all the circumstances of your life.” At that he became silent. He looked into the distance to the cloud resting beneath us, now accented with the orange golden radiance of the rising sun….and then?…. to be continued…. visit me @FrankPayton13… Twitter account…. or visit my blog……. again thanks to the most excellent work of Jonathan Cahn…. please consider reading ALL OF HIS BOOKS….Frank.

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