Disputing The Big Bang Theory…

Someone not too long ago coined the phrase….”If there was a big bang, God was doing the banging.”… when I look at the tenets of the supposed Big Bang Theory…. I see someone throwing a grenade and then expecting to see precise order come out of it…. as you might imagine it doesn’t make any sense…. another analogy is all the precision parts of a watch being mysteriously made somewher magically…. and then throwing themselves together to create a magnificent precision timepiece…. again doesn’t make any sense… so to me there must be an intelligent designer or as I like to refer to him “God”…who in my humble opinion is the creator and sustainer of the entire universe… let’s think for a minute… to create time and space there has to be something bigger and outside of time and space… to create a world… an earth… there has to be something bigger and outside of the world and the earth…. we have conflicts between science & creation… because humans have not risen to the level of science required to understand everything that came from the hand of God… how can we?…. yes we should try God wants us to try…. God made the whole thing big and complicated enough to keep us searching and wondering. So we have a sun that is at the perfect distance from the earth… we have a solar system, beyond that we have many galaxies… science says that we can travel at the speed of light for billions of years and not to reach the end of the known universe…. I asked someone sometime that was a big bang believer….” Where did all the water on Earth come from?”… after a long delay the person said….” From the rocks that were part of the Big Bang”…. in a kind diplomatic language I told him that that was absurd…. in conclusion… look around you and see the hand of God in virtually everything… don’t let this world system and it’s lacking education programs fool you…. study for yourself…. visit@FrankPayton13….or littleraventhepoet.blog….(my blog)…Frank.

6 thoughts on “Disputing The Big Bang Theory…

  1. In the book of Colossians it says,

    Colossians 1:17

    17 He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

    We can also obviously reference the book of Genesis. I appreciate your perspective in reference to your dispute of the Big Bang Theory.

    Through Him all things were made.

    Have a blessed day!

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    1. What a beautiful story about our Lord…. he obviously pre-existed in that he created the whole universe…. came into his own creation as a baby…. was rejected by those he had created given life to… and then in the fullness of his plan out of love gave his life so that we could get off of this detour of a life and get back to the way things were supposed to be…. No More Tears no more crying and most importantly no more death….Frank


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