Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. This is a fault. Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. For these there is hope.They are the elect to whom beautiful things mean only Beauty.

There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. That is all. The 19th century dislike of Realism is the rage of Caliban* seeing his own face in a glass. The 19th century dislike of Romanticism is the rage of Caliban not seeing his own face in a glass. The moral life of man forms part of the subject matter of the artist, but the morality of art consists in the perfect use of an imperfect medium. No artist desires to prove anything. Even things that are true can be proved.No artist has ethical sympathies. An ethical sympathy in an artist is an unpardonable mannerism of style. No artist is ever morbid. The artist can express everything. Thought and language are to the artist instruments of an art. Vice and virtue are to the artist materials for an art. From the point of view of form, the type of all the arts is the art of the musician.** From the point of view of feeling, the actor’s craft is the type. All art is it once surface and symbol. Those who go beneath the surface do so at their Peril. Those who read the symbol do so at their peril. It is the spectator and not life that art truly mirrors. Diversity of opinion about a work of art shows that the work is new, complex, and vital. When critics disagree the artist is in accord with himself. We can forgive a man for making a useful thing as long as he does not admire it. The only excuse for making a useful thing is that one admires it intensely. All art is quite useless….OSCAR WILDE…

* Monstrous slave in William Shakespeare’s play The Tempest.

** Suggestive of Walter Pater whom Wilde admired at Oxford, wrote in studies in ‘The studies in The History Of the Renaissance (1873): “All art constantly aspires towards to condition of music.”

My comments: The above is quoted and mentioned out of respect for the continuity and ornamental use of words…. some of the things expressed I don’t agree with at all… some of the things expressed… I partially agree with…and a few of them I totally agree with…. the exercise for me at times is to become sharper in grammar and clarity of thought…. focusing more on who the audience is and what message is to be conveyed… writing can be a labor of love… the picture below is from the book… The Picture of Dorian Gray… Oscar Wilde was a lot of things…. to me he was/is a great writer…. visit me on Twitter…@FrankPayton13… or check out my blog at…… I will eventually get around to having my own book…. technical difficulties involving the amount of material which is alot… photography and file sizes… will work it out eventually…Frank…

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