The Mystery Of The Wolf…

We watched a shepherd tend his flock at sunset. Eventually he led them on and out of our sight. It was then that I noticed an animal following in their path. “It’s a wolf”, said the teacher.”It’s trailing the flock looking for a chance to attack. The scriptures speak of wolves. Messiah spoke of them. They symbolize evil and particularly those who seek to destroy God’s people, His people. Ultimately they symbolizethe one who seeks the destruction of all of God’s people… the enemy… the devourer….”The devil?”…”The ultimate wolf… the predator of God’s flock. The Jewish people are spoken of in scripture as a flock that would wander the earth and be attacked by their predators”. “It came true,” I said. That’s the history of the Jewish people”. “So who”, asked the teacher, ” of all the enemies, of all the predators,who were the most evil?”….”It would have to be the Nazis….Hitler.” “And what did they do to the Jewish people?…. They hunted them down, herded them together, and led them as sheep to the slaughter. They were driven by evil, the spirit of the wolf, by the enemy… and do you know what he named his military headquarters?” “No.” “Wolfsschanze….

It means the wolf’s lair. And another he called Wolfsschluct, the wolf’s gorge… And another he named Werewolf.. The mystery goes even deeper, Do you know what his closest friends called him?…Wolf…And do you know the name he was given from birth?”…”Adolph?”…” Yes but do you know what Adolf means?”…The Wolf. The greatest enemy of the Jewish people, God’s flock, was named THE WOLF. That’s how real this is….and how real is the messiah”…”How?”….” If there’s a flock and a wolf there must be a Shepherd. And if the flock is without its Shepherd, then it must be a Shepherd from whom the flock was separated. Messiah said, ‘I am the Good Shepherd…. who lays down his life for the sheep’… for 2,000 years they’ve been without their Shepherd, and the Wolf has devoured them. And we too are as sheep. All the more we must walk as close as possible to the Shepherd and as far as possible from the wolf…. Far from the wolf and near to the Shepherd…story from The Book Of Mysteries…J.Cahn.

Psalm 23….Ezekiel 34: 6-8…. Matthew 10:16

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