The Grapes Of Heaven…

“A most important fruit,” he said “Upon it once hung the future of a Nation.” “On grapes?” “Yes,” he replied….”When the children of Israel came to what should have been the end of their journey in the wilderness, on the verge of the Promised Land, Moses sent 12 men into the land to spy it out. They returned with a cluster of grapes from the valley of Eshcol. The Grapes were the first fruits of the Promised Land, the first evidence they possessed that it was all real, the first taste of what up to that point they had only heard about and believed by faith. It should have been an encouragement for them to press on and take the land. But they refused the encouragement. They believed their fears over the grapes. And because they lost sight of the grapes they lost the Promised Land… a most critical key,” he said…”What?”…”Never lose sight of the grapes”…”The Grapes of the Promised Land?”…” The Grapes of YOUR Promised Land,”he said…”Heaven?”… “Throughout your journey God will give you grapes from The Promised Land”…”What do you mean?”…”He will give you the firstfruits of heaven and of heavenly life, signs and evidence of that which you believe by faith, the first taste of the age to come… Every answered prayer, every moving of His hand in your life, every whispering of His voice, every providing for your needs… these are the grapes, the clusters of the Promised Land. Every encouragement that you know came from Him, every guiding of your steps, every provision, every measure of unexplainable peace, every moment of heavenly joy, and every touch of His Spirit… these are the first fruits given to you as an encouragement so that you won’t give up or give in to fear, but press one to fight the good fight, to take your inheritance.And all these things are just a taste of the blessing yet to come… the first fruits of your Promised Land… the grape clusters of Heaven.”…Romans 8:23…Hebrews 11:1… Numbers 13:23 – 28…

My Comments:…. The above story is from The fabulous work of Jonathan Cahn in his book…THE BOOK OF MYSTERIES…. my intention in presenting this to you, is simply that you will read it and not miss it… check out everything this man has written it is life-changing prophecy…. quite frankly I’ve never read anything like it other than the Bible… we are coming up on the end of an age not the (end of the world as people wrongly say.)…. check out my blog at or my Twitter account…@FrankPayton13.. God bless you in your studies….Frank

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