The Children Of The Eighth Day…

“Shemini Atzeret is the Eighth Day… but there’s another Eighth day.” “And what day is that?”…”The Resurrection,” I said,”the day of the Resurrection. Resurrection happened on the first day of the week. Therefore it was the eighth day. “It WAS The Eighth Day. So what does that mean?”…” the eighth day is about leaving the old creation…”…”Yes, and the resurrection is also about leaving the old life”…”The Eighth day,”I said, ” is the day of transcending, of breaking out of the limitations of the finite and into the realm of the infinite.” “And the resurrection is also the day of transcending the old, overcoming the ultimate limitation, death, and thus every limitation.” “And the Eighth day is the day after the end.” “As is the resurrection… the day after the end of the old life, the old existence and the power to live beyond it.” “So the two days,” I said, ” the day of the resurrection and the day of eternity are joined together.” ” And on what Hebrew holy day was the resurrection?” he asked. ” The day of the Firstfruits.” “Yes,” said the teacher. “The resurrection is the firstfruits of the age to come, the first manifestation of the Eighth Day, heaven. And when in the week do most of Messiah’s people gather?”  “On the first day.” “Which means they gather on the Eighth day. They gather on the Eighth day because they are OF the Eighth Day. For all who are of Messiah are given the power of the Eighth day, the power to leave the old life, to transcend this creation, to overcome all limitations, to live after the end, and in the realm of the heavenly. So do not be bound by this age. Live beyond it for we are not of this world….We are children of the Eighth Day.”

THE MISSION: Learn the secret of living in the Eighth day– beyond the flesh, beyond the world, beyond the self, beyond the old– in the beyond of now….John 20: 1…Acts 20: 7.

My Comments: Again…. full credit for the above story goes to Jonathan Cahn and his wonderful book: The Book Of Mysteries…. my worry and concern is that people won’t read his most excellent writing on Prophecy and end time events…. this man has a special gift & is dedicated to God… so I feel the necessity and urgency to present it to my friends…. recommend that you Google him and become more aware of all of his books as they will change your life….Food for thought…. “Could it be that God is more wonderful than we ever could imagine… after all look around at the world you’re living in… from the animal kingdom to humans, and behold his creative abilities… I believe this life is a testing ground…. we must choose between Good and Evil much like Adam and Eve…. our wonderful Christ has overcome the world even death, so we have the hope of eternal life…. study for yourself and ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit…. do not rely on other men so much… there’s a lot of deception…. visit me at–….authors name flyraventhepoet…or @FrankPayton13– Twitter acct…Frank…Final thought… do you ever wonder why there are so many problems with the interpretation of God’s Word?… Could it be that we are not seeking the Holy Spirit and are coming up with our own ideas?… this will lead to error…God bless.

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