Democrats Demanding Conviction Of Trump…

Damned be the truth… damned be the facts… The Same Spirit that led Stalin in Russia…. Hitler in Germany…Pol Pot and others looking back through history…. is the Same Spirit that guide’s, leads and directs the Democratic Party in their pursuit of Donald Trump and his demise… Having observed and listened to the viciousness and the hatred coming from the Democratic party since Donald Trump was elected in 2016… I honestly believe if they could get away with it they would invade the White House and do bodily harm up to and including death do Donald Trump his family and anybody that supports him…. look and listen to Adam Schiff… Chuck Schumer… Nancy Pelosi… Jerry Nadler…& many others on the Democratic side… think about it we’re only seeing what they put out in front of the cameras…can you imagine the hatred that is displayed once they get behind closed doors?… the spirit of lawlessness which comes from Satan is the spirit of antichrist… most of the people mentioned and a lot of the Democrats have no respect or need of a God…because they think they are God… and they think the vast majority of the American people are lower than animals…. what is taking place now folks is very serious…. please be in prayer for our President and for the American way to somehow survive this onslaught of abuse….visit me at…….or @FrankPayton13– Twitter acct…

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