The Human Heart …

It’s the condition of the human heart that both intrigues and bothers me … we have a dichotomy concerning people … we have Popes and Gandhi’s and Mother Teresa’s … we have Stalin’s and Hitler’s and Pol Pots … we have Trump and Pence … we have Schumer, Schiff & Pelosi … no gonads Nadler… people say and do … and do and say … people say and don’t do … people do and won’t say, won’t tell ever …welcome to Washington, D.C.

But it seems that whatever people do and say … it comes down to a condition … THE CONDITION of the human heart … each person’s heart … whether inclined to good or do evil … commit murder or saintly acts …

I believe that every person has the potential to discover ways to save the world … I also believe that every person can find themselves so upset and be in a blind rage that they would murder … the condition of the human heart is very mysterious and unpredictable … visit me at … or Twitter @FrankPayton13 … Frank Payton …

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