My Real Problem With The Democrats…

The thrust of my real problem with the Democrats or most of them anyway, is that they have a glass ceiling on their thoughts and thought processes…. they rarely go into anything of a spiritual nature… if they do it seems to be dark and Satanic…. they try to talk about God and prayer and forgiveness and solemness and the like, but it all just seems so fraudulent…. so I always find myself bumping my head on their limited narrow glass ceiling philosophy about the deeper meanings of life…. they really don’t seem to care about the deeper things of life, it’s all about power, the here and now, and hurting anyone that gets in their way, and just stomping the crap out of the general ‘red’ population… the population that expressed their desires in the elections of 2016, and will again in 2020…. so will the Democratic rage and war against the will of the people continue if Donald Trump (who will most probably be re-elected) is actually re-elected?… I’m sick and tired of the low-level philosophy and thoughts of most Democrats and their limited vision for this great country…. so I say rise up true defenders of the faith, to the things from the founding fathers that made a foundation for this country to be great….. gird up and having done all…. STAND…. there is a God who is involved in the affairs of men…visit me at…Frankly My Dears….I care….Fankie…

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