Forerunner to Tribulation Treaty?…Or Is This It…

Watching President Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House today, brings to mind the biblical scriptures and prophecy concerning the Tribulation period..

To paraphrase… A treaty will be made with Israel…. listening to these two great men today this seems like a treaty…. a Palestinian State, a two-state solution, which is frowned upon because of the history of the Palestinians and the prophecies concerning them… there is a strong school of thought that if you give the Palestinians an inch they will take a mile…. last time I checked the Iranians and certain elements of the Palestinian people’s want to destroy Israel and ‘push them into the sea’…. I’m not quite sure what has changed…. I know that these issues are genuinely being tried to be resolved by these two great men and others…. but I am extremely worried… mainly because of the prophicies concerning End Time Events…. what’s concerning is the Tribulation treaty that is either here or coming, is broken after three and a half years, and then all out war begins…. some things are hard to understand let’s be in prayer that God’s will is done …visit me @FrankPayton13 on Twitter..



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