Modern Day Demons…

Watching these Democrats… watching this impeachment hearing…. I’ve come to at least one conclusion…. history is repeating itself…. I’m referring to the scripture that tells of the rebellion in Revelation 12…. Satan led one third of the Angels against God… and the rest is history..

We are watching this Rebellion spoken of in Revelation 12 play itself out again as we approach the end of this age… and the coming Anti-Christ and the One World Government (Anti means ‘instead of’ in the Hebrew language)… otherwise friends (all the wickedness) simply doesn’t make any sense at all… the evil.. all the hatred… all the killing…all the deception… all the lying… scripture that supports that Satan must appear first and lead many astray ( apostasy)…. the results of War (7 yr tribulation) and almost total destruction leads to the second coming of Christ…. intervening and leading us into the Millennium, which is the thousand year reign of Christ…. there’s a start study for yourself…Frank…@FrankPayton13on twitter….or visit me at for insights into many things….

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