Do you remember how to say bride in Hebrew? “Calah”, I replied. “Yes,” said the teacher, “but I never told you what it meant. The word calah contains a mystery. It doesn’t only mean bride.” “What else then?” “Calah also means the perfect one.” “The perfect one? But if, in the mystery, we are the bride and the bridegroom is God, shouldn’t it be the Bridegroom who is called the perfect one?” “That’s the point, he said, “We”re born TO BE the bride, but we’re not born AS the bride. We are born imperfect and subject to imperfection throughout our lives. But we’re to BECOME the Calah, the perfect one….when we say yes to the Bridegroom… in the new birth.” “And we become perfect?” “Becoming a bride is about being joined to a bridegroom. So becoming the calah is about being joined to God. The More We join our hearts and lives to God, the more we become the calah…. the perfect one. In Him and in our joining to Him is found our perfection. And do you know what else calah means? It means the completed one.To be completed is to be perfect.” “But then how can we ever be perfect, if we can only be completed at the end?” ” The Bridegroom looks at the bride and sees her as she will be. God looks at you and sees what he made you to become, and as you will become. And the bride must see herself in the eyes of the Bridegroom. You must see yourself in the eyes of God, and then let God complete his perfect work. For the works of God are perfect….even the calah.”

Goal: Marry every imperfect part of your life to the Bridegroom. Let Him fill in all that is missing. See yourself in the eyes of His love– as the calah– the perfect one.

Isaiah 62:5…. Matthew 5:48… Ephesians 5:25 through 27… Revelation 19: 7-8…

Comments: We should be filled with joy as we learn about God and how he sees us as we will be… not as we currently are…. God knows our hearts and our intentions…. what a glorious Eternal hope we have… visit me at……………

..Frank… God bless…. thanks to Jonathan Cahn, and his wonderful work, ‘The Book Of Mysteries’… let God use Jonathan to bless your life as he has mine…. please read this slowly at least three times, let it get in your bone marrow.

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