Release Of JFK Documents?

Some 57 years and we still don’t have the release of the JFK documents…. many have asked why and understandably so…. what is in there?…. what is the DIA?…. sounds similar to the CIA…. is there a medieval European Satanic Pedophile Cult?… that has possibly been running the world from behind the scenes for over a thousand years? What or who is the D6?… is there a Royal Death Rackett?…. so is it quite possible that Kennedy was killed because of his famous speech about splintering CIA…. basically destroying it?… is the CIA secretly controlled by medieval cult European Royals?….IMHO.. understanding ( if that’s possible)… what happened to JFK and his death, could quite possibly give us a big look inside why Donald Trump and his parallels to JFK ie: ( Trump’s determination to drain the swamp and expose Washington as the hellhole of deception it really is) is hated so much…. we need to look hard at our Congress and Senate especially the Democrats especially the leaders… just what is really going on?…. this is very serious for all Americans…. was Flynn the secret head of the DIA?…. inquiring minds want to know… more info…Ref: A. Steinbart… also visit me at……

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