What Are You Sick Of?

I was going to say that I’m sick of the world…. but the world is actually very beautiful, except for what we’ve done to it… meaning pollution… disrespect to the animal kingdom, and man’s inhumanity to man… man’s inhumanity to The Unborn…. but I won’t say that because in spite of what Al Gore says, God made this Earth to SURVIVE HUMANITY….I will say I am sick and tired of what alot of people have become…. take a look at our government, in particular the House Of Representatives, and a lot of those in the Senate…. what horrid sorry excuses for human beings some of them are.

Maybe I’m just an old-fashioned… old man…. or maybe I have the spirit of God dwelling inside of me…. why is the Clarion Call of my heart… that life is a gift?… why am I troubled as I appreciate my life as a gift… and yet look at all this destruction around me as humanity being duped and led down the Primrose Path?… in case you haven’t figured it out folks, we are in a desperate struggle between Good and Evil…. that would make a Harry Potter episode look like ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’…. what do I mean you might ask?…. what I mean is that we struggle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against darkness in high places, and these demons that are associated do manifest in the flesh, people just like you and me, all the people you see around you everyday… yes it’s real all trouble begins in the spirit…. and is manifested in the flesh… good and evil are in a blood battle for the souls of men…

That’s right… a spiritual battle, and a blood battle with human souls as the prize… everything I’ve ever studied in my life… one conclusion I’ve come to…is that this life is a test…the only sense I can make out of it…

Don’t you want peace? peace in your life… peace for your family and every dimension of your life?… Don’t you want no More tears, Don’t you want no more destruction, don’t you want no more death, don’t you want eternal life with everything that you love making up your heaven?… and I know the answer to the question, there are some that don’t… God Gave You freedom of choice, so if you choose evil God is sad.. but he will honor your request… God the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit are all gentlemen…. but don’t make the mistake of thinking that all God is… is love… sorry but scriptures say if you reject Him… the Holy Spirit is a consuming fire… sorry to bring God as a judge into this, but I would be doing a dishonor to myself, to God, and you if I didn’t… so what are you sick of? Visit me at

littletaventhepoet.blog…. my life’s work over 1000 pieces including my own photography mostly…or at Twitter…@FrankPayton13…later Frank..

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