Thank You To The Lord Of Hosts….

Thank you Lord for letting me live on your earth…. thank you for letting me live on your rock, that is hurling through space… rotating.. revolving… thank you for the splendor of each of your four seasons…. Summer breezes, the smell of honeysuckle…. the crisp air of Fall, gathering kindling wood for the fires of Winter, huddling around the fireplace during a snowstorm in Winter…. Spring being in the back of our minds, though we long for it…. thank you for extending me grace during the wildness of my youth… and comfort in the reflection back in my old age…. thank you for the loves of my life….. love’s gained love’s lost… thank you for the gift of reproduction, coming in the form of a wonderful daughter, and magnificent son… thank you for parents that did the best they could, and brought me along… thank you for grandparents that really seemed fascinated with the fact that us grandchildren even existed…. I think they saw the miraculous gift of it all… us that is…… Thank you for your miraculous eternal plan..working from The Garden of Eden, through the history of the ages, culminating in your second coming… then we have the hope of the Millennium, the thousand year reign of Christ, where we will learn so much…. what a hope we have…. the sickness, death, and destruction of this life left-behind…. visit me at….or @Frank Payton13– Twitter….Frank…

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