Who Can Live Up To The Standards Of God?

” How does one live up to the standards of God? How does one attain such high standards?” “One doesn’t,” the teacher said. ” What do you mean?” ” One doesn’t do it… as you think. How could you?” “I Don’t understand.” Who Can live up to the standards of God?” “The godly?” “No,” said the teacher. “The only one who can live up to the standards of God…is God. And the only one can live the life of Messiah, is the Messiah. So how do you live up to His standards? How do you live the godly life?” I Didn’t answer. “There’s only one way– You let Him live it. You let God meet the standards of God. You let Messiah live the life of Messiah through you.” “So it’s Him and not me.”It’s Him THROUGH YOU. It’s him living His life…through your living your life in him. In the book of 1st Corinthians, it is written, ‘We are Gods fellow workers.’ But in the original language the words FELLOW WORKERS are just one word.– SUNERGOS.” “And What does it mean?” “ERGOS,” said the teacher, “means to act, to work, or to do. And SUN means with or together. So SUNERGOS means to act together, to work with, to move together, or to do as one. That’s the key. It’s impossible for you to live the life of God, but it’s impossible for God NOT to live the life of God. So the key is not to live up to the standards of God, but to let God live out his life through you. It means to let God live in your living…. It means to let God love in your loving…as in His loving, you love… it is from SUNERGOS That we get the word SYNERGY. That’s the energy of salvation, the energy of God, and the energy of you flowing together as one…one energy, one motion, one life. As it is written. ‘Be strong.. in the power of His might.’…SUNERGOS”.

Story from Jonathan Cahn, and his book… The Book Of Mysteries…

My Comments: I think the challenge for human beings lies in completely “letting go and letting God”… to coin a long used phrase…. We are in a fallen state.. and we live in a troubling evil world… In fact, if you think about it, this life we’re living , is a hundred times better than any Harry Potter story / movie… And we actually get to live it…the ancient struggle, manifesting in modern times continues… the struggle between Good and Evil….God and the devil, good angels, fallen angels… Human souls being the prize..

Human beings becoming aware and realizing that they have an eternal spirit…and must choose between an eternity with God or an eternity with the Devil… Freedom of Choice given by God.

So it is futile to blame God for our choices… We do the choosing, and it lasts for eternity… Not my words, but Gods.

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