Public Schools And Universities…

What are our public schools and Universities really doing to our kids?… What are they preparing our kids/young adults for?…IMHO…. through the indoctrination that presents itself in the curriculum of not teaching history as it has occurred…. through the wretchedness of political correctness… which stifles not only students…But the whole world.

Let’s talk about and look at what’s going on since the inception of Common Core in the school system…. a recent study came out showing that in the last 4 years, students math and other skills have been on the decline…. And just this year, I think it is…. students leaving High School in areas like math are ill-prepared for University level studies…soooo… We have to ask ourselves…What are our kids and young adults being prepared for?… Well, it doesn’t seem to me that the curriculum that’s in place…will set them up for life and the pursuit or preparation for Quality Jobs… They’re being set up for failure… They are being set up for dependency on the government…. Which will give them the mindset that the government owes them something…..Bingo! Playing right into their hands… In short being set up for the Democratic Socialistic Communistic agenda… Wake up America!… And to add salt to the wound we are paying big money for this betrayal…. Visit me at… Later Frank..


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