We were viewing the barest remnants of ancient buildings and artifacts, largely obscured by the desert sand…” These are the ruins of an ancient fortress,” said the teacher. ” It was destroyed not by age, but war. They bear witness of two opposing sides and the conflict between them. The Scriptures speak of two opposing realities and a war in the spiritual realm, the kingdom of darkness against the kingdom of light. If we were visitors from another world, what evidence might we see on the earth that such a war exists?…

” The conflict over evil,” I replied….” Yes, but even more specific than that. What if God were to use a people to accomplish His purposes, to advance the kingdom? What would happen in that conflict?” “They would become the targets of the enemy’s attacks. They would become the most attacked people on earth… the focus of a satanic hatred, the war of darkness.” “So who are the most attacked people on earth?” he asked. “And what people have been the most hated, vilified, and persecuted in human history?”

“The Jews.” “And what is the natural explanation for this fury, a fury with no rationale or natural explanation, a supernatural war that was there in the ancient world and just as much there in the modern? And the greater the fury, the more overtly satanic the manifestation. Why is it that those most obsessed with destroying the Jewish people happen

to be most evil and satanic, from the Third Reich to the masters of terrorism? It’s Because evil is obsessed with destroying this people, the same people who just happen to have brought into the world the Word of God, the Salvation of God,and the One called the Messiah.” “It’s the proof of the war,” I replied. “And of the existence of God,” said the teacher. ” and of the enemy… and of the kingdom of darkness to which Jewish existence is a threat. It is the witness of the dark… the anti witness.

It is that which, despite itself, bears witness that the Word of God is true and that the light, the good, and the answer are all linked to this people and to that which they brought into the world. The fact that after all this, the Jewish people still exist bears witness that greater than all darkness is the light, stronger than all evil, is the good, and, in the end, the fury of hell is nothing against the power of Heaven.”

The Mission: Today, believe, take courage., and live confidently in the truth that the good will, in the end, prevail over all evil… in the world and in your life…. Ezekiel 34: 5-8…. 1 Peter 5: 8-9… Revelation 12:9-17…….. Story from Jonathan Cahn’s wonderful work.. The Book Of Mysteries…

My comments: Friends, don’t be surprised at the evil that is increasing and going on in the world… It has been going on since the beginning, and will continue until the final conflict between good and evil, God and the devil…. One of the best gifts of God is to be born again, and have your eyes opened to the spiritual realm… and finding Truth in God’s Word…. Truth, hardly exists elsewhere… In spite of what is going on in Washington DC and anywhere else in the world…. God’s plan will be fulfilled…. There will be joy in the morning…. if you seek it…. visit my blog at… Sincerely, Frank… It would cause quite a ‘Ruckus’ but you might want to show this to your Democratic friends…. It just might be the most truth they ever hear.

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