God Of Your Understanding..

A lot of people in this anything goes culture that we live in…. the pantheistic… the new agers… and many others would say…” Send up a prayer to the God of YOUR UNDERSTANDING”… I say what good is that?… The God of your understanding takes you nowhere…. I also say…. Send up a prayer to the God that is unknowable….that is challenging to understand… For He is above you and above your understanding… Knock and the door shall be open to you.. seek and you will find…. If you simply don’t care…and are preoccupied with yourself.. then don’t worry about it…. God will not bother you… unless you are chosen…. and then he will intervene… Because if you are chosen and you make a decision for Him.. No one can pluck you from his hand…. visit me at littleraventhepoet.blog…Frank

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