The Temple Lambs

Studies with Jonathan Cahn… and his wonderful book…The Book Of Mysteries.

” In the writings of the ancient rabbis it is recorded that in the days of the second temple. The only place where one could Shepherd A Flock was in the wilderness. But There was one exception– The flocks or Lambs that were specifically appointed and destined for the temple sacrifices, the sacrificial Lambs.

These needed to be kept in close proximity to the Holy City. There was, in the days of the second temple, one particular region of Israel, not of the wilderness, but of hills and valleys and cited in scripture as a place where flocks of sheep were kept in the days of Messiah. It happened to be in close proximity to Jerusalem where the sacrifices were offered. Thus, it is undoubtedly where the lambs for the temple sacrifices were raised.”

” What was it called?” “It Was called Bethlehem.” ” Bethlehem!” I repeated. So that’s why…”…”That’s Why Messiah was born in Bethlehem. The Lamb of God was born in the place… where the lambs were born. ‘While the shepherds watched their flocks by night…’ And not just in the place of the lambs, but in the place of the sacrificial lambs, where the lambs destined to be offered up in the Temple of Jerusalem as sacrifices to God were born.”

“So that’s why the first ones to see Him in this world were the shepherds.” I said, ” because when a lamb is born, it’s the shepherds that attend its birth.” “And not just by shepherds,” said the teacher, “but the shepherd’s of Bethlehem, the shepherds who attended the birth of the sacrificial lambs. So the Lamb of God was born among the sacrificial lambs for the same reason, to be sacrificed in Jerusalem. The mystery was there from the beginning…from His birth. The entire purpose of His life was to give Himself, to give His life as a gift of sacrificial love for us. He was born there as a sign… that His entire life, even from the moment of His birth…was love.

Messiah’s entire life was a living sacrifice. Every moment a gift given, the incarnation of love. be and do likewise. Micah 5:2…Luke 2:8-20…

My comments: What a beautiful story…. We have to observe and realize that God’s Word is Holy…. It is God breathed… Our Lord is the same today yesterday and tomorrow…. His eternal plan is perfect, as he does everything in order, and there are no mistakes…. Just because we don’t understand something, doesn’t mean that God made a mistake…. Just because we find it a challenge to accept certain things by faith, without empirical evidence, doesn’t mean that God has made a mistake.. Some things are going to remain a mystery during this lifetime, in this age. All will be explained in the Millennium….1000 years of study under Christ’s rule from the Holy City in Jerusalem… Oh Happy Days, won’t that be glorious?… All safe…no more fear.. no more death… No more destruction… No more Satan….. Yes, I’m aware that he will be loosed for a season after the millennium, but his ultimate destruction awaits him… a world without Satan! Hallelujah! Visit my blog at…Sincerely Frank.

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