Hardball Questions For Democratic Presidential Candidates…

IMHO… These questions or questions of a similar nature should be asked of the Democratic candidates running for President of the United States.

Recommended Format: Ask the same question to each of the candidates… and give each of them two or three minutes to respond… or randomly ask any question to the candidate of your choice… two to three minutes to answer.

#1– Do you think the average American citizen wants the Federal Government to assume the role of God?…. Delegating authority to elected officials, to determine what is best for us, in all aspects of our lives?… Do you think that if the average American refuses to acknowledge the government as God, that they should be persecuted, imprisoned, or punished, up to and including death?… Would you support citizens being able to choose the religion of their choice, and worship in the mamner that they choose, as long as there was no violence or destruction?

#2- What are your views and how would you handle the ongoing challenge of the Middle East? Do you believe a two-state solution is a reality between Israelis and Palestinians?… Do you have any awareness or knowledge about Biblical Prophecy concerning this issue?… What specifically do you think America’s role is with this issue?

#3- What are your views and how would you handle North Korea… What do you think is the key to winning over Kim Jong?

#4- How would you handle the Iranian crisis?… Do you think what Barack Obama did in giving vast sums of money to them, and seemingly supporting a leading terrorist nation such as a Iran?… How do you feel Donald Trump is handling the situation?

#5- What would you do differently from Donald Trump in his handling of Tariffs? (If anything)

#6- If You were elected President… What would you do to sustain the economic turn around and growth, that has been provided by the leadership of Donald Trump?… Or are you of the opinion that Barack Obama started or is partly responsible for the success we are now enjoying?

#7- Do you think that Congress was right in initiating the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump? How would you evaluate Congress’s handling of the impeachment proceedings? Do you think the impeachment proceedings resembled anything close to being fair?… If so, please explain.

#8- Do you think the United States should be sold out to the United Nations… and the glaring goal to buy the globalist’s agenda Lock Stock & Barrel?… Shouldn’t America Hold on to its National identity?…. And glean what it can from the global community?

#9- What would each of you candidates say to the school of thought and belief that… the government is treating illegal aliens better than natural citizens?… Are you a Democrat that puts your own career and own success ahead of the will of the American people? If the candidate starts hemming and hawing press them…

#10- What are your comments, opinions, or views, concerning this statement: “As goes Israel…. goes the World”… should America back Israel regardless of how the rest of the world feels about it?… Do you believe that the Jews Are God’s chosen people as He claims they still are…. Or do you believe that God has abandoned the Jews?

Okay, this is a start… These questions were just off the top of my head…. Visit me at my blog….littleraventhepoet.blog………Frank Payton… I’m really sick of the softball questions… We need a deep dive to find out who these people really are… if that’s possible… can people and their true intentions really be known at all?

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