“In The world are many powers, he said, the power of the sun, the power of the wind, the power of rivers, the power of fire, the power of atoms, the power of Kings, the power of armies, and the power of man. Each of these powers has conditions and limitations. But what if there was a power beyond all these powers… a power with no limitations, the power to do anything?

” Messiah gave His disciples, and all the disciples who would come after them, including all of you, the Great Commission to proclaim the message of salvation to the world, to teach his Word, to do His will, and to make disciples of all nations. But what did he tell them to do first? “To wait in Jerusalem.”….” to receive power.”…

Yes….” And what power was that?”…”The power of the spirit.”…. That’s correct…. And do you know what lies behind the word for the power they were to receive?… The word used in the scriptures is the Greek DUNAMIS… It comes from the root word DUNAMAHEE…DUNAMAHEE means to be able. And Messiah gave no condition, no qualifier, no modifier, and no limitations, concerning the power that was to be given. What power is given to you in the spirit? The power to become able to do that which you could never do before, the power to do that, which is above your ability to do.

DUNAMAHEE means to make possible… So if you live by the Spirit, you will have the power to make possible that which was not possible. DUNAMAHEE also means can, as in I can. The power of the Spirit, is the power of I can. ” I can do what?” asked a student.” It doesn’t say,” the teacher answered…. It has no qualification. It is the power of I can do anything. It’s the power to do all things, the power to do whatever you need to do to fulfill the will and calling of God. There’s no limitation. It’s the power of powers, the power to do whatever it is that you need to do. It’s the power to nullify and overcome every ‘I can’t’ in your life… with the power of the ‘I can’ of the Almighty.

Live this day in the DUNAMAHEE of God, whatever you have to do in the will of God, claim the power of I CAN.. and in that power DO IT…. Zechariah 4: 6-9… Luke 24:49… Philippians 4:13….. Thank you to Jonathan Cahn…And his wonderful book…The Book Of Mysteries…

Comments: Do you think we in our finite Human Condition, have been able to approach & understand the power that God has… after all according to Genesis He ‘spoke’the whole world into existence…. I don’t know about you. but for me that represents an unfathomable power…. I can’t get my mind around it…. but my mind and heart know it’s true… true through conviction of the Holy Spirit…

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