“Peace be to you,” he said. That is what Messiah said to his disciples when he greeted them. As it is written, ‘As they said these things, Yeshua, Jesus, Himself stood in the midst of them, and said to them,”Peace be to you.” It’s the only time recorded of His saying those words. It was the first thing He spoke when He appeared to them after the resurrection. He could have said anything, but He chose to say, ‘Peace be to you!” In fact, He said it twice in the same encounter. There must be something about those words. Why do you think He said it, and that it’s only recorded after the resurrection, not before? …

“When Isaiah prophesied of Messiahs death, he wrote this: ‘He was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our iniquities. The punishment for our PEACE was upon Him…’ Peace only comes after the atonement is made. So it was only AFTER Messiah died on the cross and rose that peace could be given. But Isaiah’s prophecy doesn’t say ‘OUR PEACE’ It says ‘OUR SHALOM.’ And when the Messiah spoke the blessing to his disciples, He didn’t say ‘peace’ either. He said ‘SHALOM ALEICHEM’ ‘SHALOM BE UPON YOU.’ ” But if shalom means peace” said one of the students, ” what’s the difference?”

“The difference is everything,” he said. “For SHALOM means much more than peace. SHALOM means safety, rest, prosperity, wholeness, welfare, completion, fullness, soundness….even well being. So what blessing did Messiah speak to his disciples? It can be taken this way: ‘May you be blessed with safety, with rest, with prosperity, with wholeness, with completion, with fullness, with soundness, and well-being, and with peace.”‘

” All that in one blessing?” asked one of the students. “All that in His SHALOM. All that in his sacrifice, all that in the blessing that Messiah gives to His disciples… and that He gives to YOU. Their part, and your part, is to learn what that exactly means…and to receive all that is within it.”…

The Mission: Today, make it your aim to receive the Shalom of Messiah– His peacefulness, rest, completion, well-being, and wholeness. SHALOM ALEICHEM.

Isaiah 53:5 John 20:19-21 Colossians 3:15… Thank you to Jonathan Cahn… and his wonderful book… The Book Of Mysteries.

Comments: Could it be that every word spoken by our Lord and Savior was/ is for a reason and carries great value?… our God is a God of order…. of precise arrangements, as seen in the creation of the universe… creation of the animal kingdom, creation of human beings… I don’t know about you but I love The Gift of Life… what we have experienced here on earth is in a suppressed state, because of the fall of Man through sin.. brought on by Satan…. accept the fact that you can’t understand everything… we have to accept some things by faith… and it’s not blind faith…. its faith that comes through believing that what God says is true…. look around you at creation, He is evident everywhere… He will intervene in this world’s affairs in His perfect timing…not ours… the Clarion call of my heart is to get back around to the true meaning of life, that God intended in the garden, before the fall…. check out my blog… Frank Payton…

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