THE TEACHER PLACED an old brown book on the wooden table in the Chamber of Books and turned to a page so faded one could barely make out the words on the right side or the image on the left… “It looks like a worn-away image of Adam and Eve,” I said, “in the garden”….”It is,” he said. ” But we speak now not of the creation but the apostasia.” ” What’s an apostasia?”… In the Book of Second Thessalonians it is written that the age will not end until first comes a falling away. The words ‘falling away’ are a translation of the Greek word ‘apostasia.’ Apostasia comes from two Greek root words. The first ‘apo,’ means to depart from. The second ‘stasis’ means the stand or state of. So apostasia means to depart from one’s stand, and from one’s state. Thus, before the end of the age there will be a mass departing, a moving away from the stand of faith, from the Word of God, and from truth. So the first meaning of apostasia has to do with faith and the Word. But the second concerns the departure from the state of being. “Why is that?” I asked. “How do the two go together? “The creation came from the Word. From the Word comes the creation. So the departure from the Word will lead to a departure from the state of being.” “What does that mean?” “Look at the book,” he said. “On the one side is the fading away of the Word. On the other is the fading away of the image of creation. An age that witnesses the falling away from the faith and the Word will also witness a falling away from the image of creation, from the state of being. It means that before the end of the age, there will not only be a falling away from faith, but a falling away from being… the departure of men from the stasis or state of manhood, the departure of women from the stasis or state of womanhood, of fathers from the state of fatherhood, of mothers from the state of motherhood, and of man from the stasis and state of humanity.” ” So what does one do in the days of apostasy?” ” In the age of departure from the Word, you must hold all the stronger. You must commit to hold all the more strongly to the Word, the faith, and the stand. And the more you hold the Word, the more you will find your stasis, the person you were created to be… and you will stand.

THE MISSION: Take a command from the New Testament and fully carry it out today. Commit to live your life all the more by the Word of God…. Ephesians 6:13..

Philippians 2:15; 2nd Thessalonians 2:3… 2 Timothy 3: 1-4… Thank you to Jonathan Cahn and his book…The Book of Mysteries… the above is an excerpt from…

My Comments: Well friends… it certainly could be said from the beginning of time and the fall of man that we have been ‘falling away’… I believe it could most certainly be said that the current age we live in is reflective of the above mentioned apostasia… it seems as if this age is nearing its end.. Things are intensifying and culminating… the coming apostasy will reach its ‘ecstasy’ in the coming of the Antichrist… it seems that a large part of the masses are hungry for the appearance of their God…Satan… just look at what has taken place in Washington DC… mainly through the Democratic party…and the likes of Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Pirates… the evil through the spirit of lawlessness is evidence of this Falling Away… there’s nothing new Under the Sun… it’s the age-old battle between good and evil…and believe me it is an intense spiritual battle, that happens to manifest through the lives of people in the flesh… manifesting in organizations like the United Nations… the Department of Justice…the FBI..

The Senate and the Congress… the promotion of Sanctuary Cities… the unbridled infiltration of illegal aliens… the ongoing infiltration of the Communist agenda… the ongoing infiltration of the Muslim Jihadist Caliphate agenda… the indoctrination of our youth in our lower schools and universities… the infiltration of the likes of Ilhan Omar, and other members of Congress… our two-tiered justice system… the attack on our first and second amendments… The spirit of lawlessness is everywhere… and to add insult to injury……

The American public was duped into electing a Muslim that apparently was not even born in this country… he duped us not once but twice, and is still on the loose. This man was a card-carrying member of the Muslim Brotherhood.. hung out with Louis Farrakhan..

Need I say more… buckle up the roller coaster is just getting started… people of God, gird up and stand… keep the faith.. look up for your Redemption is near… visit me at… Sincerely..Frank…. or if you’re on Twitter…@FrankPayton13…


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