The Atrocities Of Concentration Camps

Looking at the Nuremberg trials and the atrocities of the numerous concentration camps at that time… we have to ask a question.. as the United States, Britain, France, and

other powers sought to bring to justice, those involved in these horrible events and try to assure that it never happened again… so the thing we must look at, as the question is asked… could this thing happen again, and is the groundwork already laid for it to happen again… and even on a grander scale?

Great Wars are coming… and the total destruction of the world as we know it is only stopped by the intervening of Jesus Christ Himself at His second coming… believe it or not it’s coming… check out my blog……….

I’ll cut right to the chase… yes it was Hitler and human beings that committed these horrible crimes against humanity… but if we don’t know we must learn that it was THE SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST at work in these people & acts of persecution death and destruction… and I hope it doesn’t come as any big surprise or warning, when I say that the SAME SPIRIT is at work and has been at work… the stage is being set for the tribulation period…And the appearance of the Antichrist… visit me at my blog…

Sincerely, Frank Payton….

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