The teacher and the student met in the Chamber of Vessels, the teacher was wearing a white linen robe and standing in front of the Temple veil ,”Is that the robe of the priest?” I asked ,”No,” he said “it’s a robe worn on ‘the Yom,’ ‘the Day,’ the holiest day of the year, Yom Kippur. It’s what observant Jews wear on the day of atonement. It’s called the KITTEL. It’s actually a burial shroud.”

“A burial shroud? Why would they wear that on Yom Kippur?” “Because Yom Kippur is a shadow of the Day of Judgement, when all is sealed, when we will all stand before God face-to-face beyond the veil, and when all sin is dealt with and all evil separated from God forever.”

The teacher was silent for a few moments as if lost in thought. Then he spoke. “And those who have chosen the darkness and to reject the salvation given them will have chosen separation from God, which is hell. For, in the end, there are only two destinies: heaven and hell… heaven and God’s mercy for those who have chosen salvation. And the key is there on Yom Kippur, as the high priest enters the presence of God

bringing with him the blood of the sacrifice, the atonement. Of what does that speak?” “The blood of Messiah, the sacrifice, the atonement.” “Yes, But note, the high priest must take the blood from outside the holy place, from the altar in the court, BEFORE he passes beyond the veil into God’s presence. So too it is here, outside the holy place of God’s dwelling, that we must each partake of the atonement, on this side of the veil, in this life, and in this world, where the altar of Messiah is, while we still have breath and before we pass beyond the veil to the other side.

And then what comes after that day?” ” The Day of atonement leads into the Feast of Tabernacles.” “Yes, the last and greatest of celebrations the shadow of heaven. You see, God’s will is not hell, but heaven, so much so that He would even give up his own life and bear hell and judgment in our place. And I am convinced that if it was only you or me who needed to be saved, if it was only one person, He still would have done it.

It is Yom Kippur’s ultimate mystery, that it is God Himself who becomes our Kippur, our sacrifice on the altar, and the greatest love we could ever fathom the love we must come to know and take part in, before we pass beyond the veil, on that Day.”

No one knows when they will pass beyond the final veil. Live this day as if it were your last. What must you do?…..

Thank you for studying with me again, hats off to Jonathan Cahn and his wonderful book, THE BOOK OF MYSTERIES.

My comments: Friends I am suggesting that God is far beyond and above our wildest dreams, someone said that He created the universe, and in this creation, was not diminished in the least… and I think what is so important to understand is that God does not send anyone to hell… we send ourselves… for any newcomers to the Christian faith, read the Bible in its entirety… then you will be able to discern what is fraudulent and what is true, in the world going on around you and us.

Please check out further studies, political satire, and my poetry on my blog……Sincerely, Frank… or if you’re on Twitter…@FrankPayton13.

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