Genesis 3: 1-24

This post is a continuation of some Twitter posts made earlier today… not enough space to continue on Twitter’s limitations….

The subject matter came up about asking God certain questions about scripture concerning the Garden of Eden… so we have all the fruit trees which Adam & Eve were allowed to eat from including apples… we had in the midst of the garden,The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil…(Satan)… and we must not forget that Jesus was present also as the Tree of Life… so we have Jesus and the devil present in the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve were… (I have studied before that if Adam and Eve had taken part of the Tree Of Life after taking part of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil they would have lived forever in the Fallen State) and we all know the story…. or do we?…. I had mentioned in an earlier post that the Bible in general and in particular Genesis 3:1 through 24…. needs to be studied in Hebrew, because so much is lost in the translation and transliteration to English from Hebrew… But continuing with the Garden of Eden situation and Eve being beguiled or wholly seduced by Satan…. it has been suggested that there might have been two seed lines… and Eve had a double pregnancy ( double pregnancies are possible ask your doctor).. if you read the account of Eve giving birth to Cain and Abel,they were successive in birth at near the same time… so what are we actually saying here with this double pregnancy?… that Satan seduced Eve planting his seed… followed by Adams planting his seed near the same time… could it be interpreted that Adam’s planting of his seed in Eve was described in English as his ‘eating the fruit’?… maybe it’s a stretch maybe it isn’t.. but we have to account for the fact that murder was introduced with the first two offspring of Adam and Eve involving Cain and Abel… so I was wondering why we have murder right at the very beginning.

Also we need to take a really close look at the genealogies mentioned in the New Testament…. as far as I have studied the names given can be really tricky… perhaps only being differentiated by a letter or two… bottom line is I can’t find the name of Cain at the beginning of the genealogies but I can find Seth who replaced Abel… why is this?… we know that Cain was cast out… so perhaps we cannot know on this side of life… yet we have to use discernment…. and ask for God to reveal His Word to us… visit me at….Sincerely…Frank…

Take DC for example do you ever wonder why we seem to have one good line and one bad line of congressmen and senators and others.. one group seemingly has the spirit of life and the other has the spirit of death… just saying.

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