What This Christian Wishes Unbelievers Understood…

First of all Christians are not perfect, they are sinners saved by grace and they are fully aware of this…. we need to discuss a couple of things… scientists operate by scientific theories and empirical evidence…(that which is found through our senses)… people of faith and other undertakings operate by suppositions or presuppositions….

For instance..

God says that His Word is perfectly true, in fact he says it is “God Breathed”…. yes he used men that wrote the Old and New Testaments as tools, but these men were divinely-guided and the documents protected through the power of the Holy Spirit… God says this is what occurred… and the Christian simply accepts it… be careful calling this blind faith… because it is not….. however the Holy Spirit leads a person to genuine faith… the only way to genuine faith is if the Holy Spirit touches and leads you… when this happens there will be no question in your mind… the manifestation that God gave me just two weeks into my Christianity.. just after my profession of faith ( 2 weeks) happened like this….” I was at my first prayer meeting in a Baptist Church on a Wednesday evening… located in the Northern Virginia area…

As the prayer meeting began… the leader of the prayer meeting mentioned that we could pray out loud or pray in silence, the choice was ours… looking back I don’t remember if I prayed out loud or prayed silently.. it doesn’t really matter… however THIS was given to me by God… it felt as if oil was being poured on top of my head and falling down onto my body… or another way of saying it a big handkerchief had been dropped on top of my head… flowing down on my body…. after what seemed to be 30 seconds or so the presence then lifted… as I opened my eyes and looked around at the other five people sitting around me I said… ‘Did you all feel that.. what was that?’…. someone said that was the presence of God”.

Anyway I thought that was pretty awesome and I never forgot it.. as I matured in my Christianity I later learned that God had given me gifts on that evening, the gift of evangelism and witnessing, which I used in God’s power and am still using…

So there’s a couple of things that this Christian wishes that unbelievers understood… number one “I don’t hate you… I don’t dislike you… but I have a burning desire in my heart for you to know what I believe is the truth”…. I might not approve of your lifestyle but that doesn’t mean I hate you… it means I don’t like what you do… because I know that you can have a more ‘Abundant Life’ as Christ has said…

I also know that you can have eternal life as God has promised… aren’t you tired of lies, deception, disease, misunderstandings, heartbreak, loss of life, loss of loved ones…?

So there’s more to this story but I feel this is a good beginning… Jesus said…” I stand at the door and knock If any man opens to me I will sup with him”…. I often tell people that are searching if they are genuine… to get down on their knees and pray a simple prayer something like this…” Dear lord if You are there / here… if You are who Christians say You are… please reveal yourself to me and come into my life…. it’s not complicated but you have to be genuine… only God and you know if you are sincere.. visit me at my blog….littleraventhepoet.blog………… Sincerely, Frank

Jesus said…” Who do you say ‘I am?’

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