Human Souls Are The Prize With Eternal Ramifications…

I will try and find the most appropriate words, as the subject I will be addressing is not a game… have you ever wondered ( of course you have) why there is so much viciousness and evil manifesting even more so in these days?…. There is a struggle… a battle if you will, between God and Satan, Good and Evil.. and human souls are the prize with eternal ramifications.

This struggle has been going on dating back to the Garden of Eden and even beyond …Study Revelation 12 ( The Rebellion) and 2nd Peter 3…( concerning three Earth Ages… we are currently in the 2nd…the Millennium will be the 3rd)… so we must ask ourselves why the seriousness? why the viciousness? why the death and destruction? why the struggle?… why must we make a choice between life and death?

There are a few things that are key in understanding these deep things…. and it’s not as difficult as you may think…. we have a wonderful God that is beyond our wildest imagination… He is The Giver of Life and the Creator Of Everything…. including Satan… God says that Satan was made… “According To A Perfect Pattern.”

Satan once guarded the very Throne of God… until PRIDE was found in him… and without going into the details that everyone should be familiar with, he was kicked out of heaven…. cast down to the earth…

So we arrive at about 4003 BC…( the beginning of the current Earth Age which is the second one mentioned in 2nd Peter 3 ) and we have the creation account in Genesis… the story of Adam and Eve, and the Fall Of Man, which I will not go into.. You Should Know It…. Jesus is in the Garden of Eden as the Tree of Life…. we have all the Fruit Trees… and in the midst of the garden, we have the Tree Of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which is Satan…. and so the struggle and the test begins…

So Satan was kicked out of heaven because he wasn’t happy being “the number two man” he wanted to be equal (or higher) than God… God would have none of it… and as I have said Satan was kicked out of heaven… so we find Satan in the Garden of Eden and he begins to tear down God’s creation… including God’s special creatures Man And Woman…

Because Satan seduced Man And Woman and persuaded them to break God’s Commandments concerning the fruit trees, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil…. man fell from God’s grace… & God put a curse on the ground and on Man And Woman… and the ultimate curse Came Upon them… the Curse Of Death… death was not part of the original plan…. although I would imagine God had foreknowledge of what would happen… and knowing what would happen, He had a plan…

Starting with Adam and Eve billions of humans would be born Through the Ages.. they would be made in the image of God and live out a Flesh Blood and Bone existence… they would be born in a fallen state…. through God’s Word they would soon learn about the opportunity to overcome the Fallen State and be ‘born from above’ or ‘born again’…. born again because they would become aware of their fallen nature ( through the Holy Spirit)… their sin nature… and a potential new nature… found only in the pre-existence…& the appearing of God In the Flesh…’Emmanuel’…through the life… death… and resurrection of Jesus Christ the only Son Of God.

So we all live our lives on this rock spinning through space… this beautiful Earth… this life I call…THE TESTING GROUND… I say this because I don’t think God gives the gift of life without holding us accountable for having received such a wonderful gift…. and I believe we are put here to make a decision whether ultimately we will follow good or evil, God or the Devil… and the choices that we make, the ultimate choice that we make between God and the devil, has Eternal Consequences… you see friends we are made in the image of God, and I believe that means we have an eternal spirit placed in us that will go on living forever… where we end up is our choice… seek God and Choose Wisely…. visit me at my blog…….Sincerely Frank Payton… or if you’re on Twitter…@FrankPayton13.

Jesus asked..Who do you say…I AM?

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