The Writer…The Wordman…The Lyricist…The Poet..

This Writer, this Wordman, this Lyricist, this Poet, doesn’t remember making a conscious decision to write the first word…. all the way back to my youth… being 12 or 13 years old… scratching the first phrases and putting together the first sentences… it was all very incoherent at that time…

Words became more coherent as time went on… rhyming poetry became a regular thing in my 20s and 30s… photography was also a big part of my life and I matched up photos with words….

Way led onto way as it does with us humans… and I learned many things about the world, people and myself… I learned that the better poets understand the deep psychology of what it means to be a human being, and can write creatively about it…ie: William Shakespeare… & others…

I learned that the writer sees and observes life quite differently than the average person.. and is on a different level of beholding… if you’re not a ‘Beholder’ I don’t see how you can possibly write anything worthwhile…

The Poet sees differently… the poet sees himself differently… this writer basically feels sorry for the human race… and mostly feels sorry for himself, this comes mainly because of the predicament we’re in… being in the Fallen State and not living up to our intended potential & also is because often times the poet can’t find the words that match the intensity of his observation and feeling… he wants no pity… and calls on himself to work the words out…

I think most writers are in touch with The Muse.. kind of a ‘secret other’ influence…. kind of an antenna going up…. as the writer just starts receiving…. the words seems to come as if pieces of a puzzle… so the writer starts arranging….

Sometimes it’s very exciting to be a writer… sometimes it’s very lonely… and you learn over time that other people’s approval or dislike of your writing doesn’t mean you’re a good or bad writer… I’ve often heard that if you can please 50% of the people at any one time you’re doing pretty good… but that can be difficult… so these are some of my insights into writing because people are always asking me where my work comes from…

I don’t really know exactly where the words comes from…. sometimes an idea, a thought, a word or phrase, seems to just pop into my mind, and I begin to expound on it… visit my blog at…Sincerely Frank Payton

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