Last Piece Of Chicken…

Could be a great country song….guitar please…

I was looking at that last piece of chicken…. I noticed that you was looking at it too…. oh my gosh we got a controversy on our hands… what oh what my friend, are we going to do?

You said that I could finish the mashed potatoes if I would give that last piece of chicken to you… I said let me think on it just a minute… let me have a sip on this beer…oh what to do?

I said it sounded good but will you throw in the cornbread.. and how about that last bit of tater salad too?… you said let me take a sip of my beer, and then I’ll tell you what I’m going to do…

Let me drink the last beer and the chicken will go to you… I’ll even wash the dishes and take a nice walk with you…

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