Gods Judgement/ Or Satanic Activity?

Looking at today’s current events, in particular the Coronavirus situation… amongst other calamities… a big time question comes to mind….

I think we have to ask…. is the Coronavirus part / type of a partial judgement coming from God because of our National Sin?….ie:… the 60 some million abortions since 1973 Roe versus Wade… taking God out of the schools in the sixties…. the negligence and watering down of God’s worth & Word through our churches…

The corruptness of our government… the spirit of lawlessness, the disrespect for life itself… seems nothing is sacred not even God… so back to the main question

Is what we are seeing and experiencing through Coronavirus and other calamities, possibly a mix of God’s permissive will and judgment, mixed with Satanic activity taking advantage of the situation?.. some pretty heavy-duty discernment is required and illumination of the mind that can only come from the Holy Spirit… is the Coronavirus one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse… namely, Pestilence?.. additionally

Is God sick and tired of at least half of our American government that is willing to sacrifice the well-being and the very lives of Americans for their own personal benefit and gain… putting illegal immigrants ahead of Americans… does anyone think there is any fairness in this at all?… I think God sees it for what it is…. selfish, greedy, gluttonous government

The Bible… in particular the Old Testament, shows how God uses disease and calamity to shake his people from their unbelief… from their worshipping of false gods… from their complete utter disregard for Him…. and what’s even peculiar about that… is that after God shakes His people… and life goes back to normal…they/ we

return to the same hog trough of sin that they / we were delivered from… God understands and is loving but I think He’s sick and tired of it… visit me at my blog…littleraventhepoet.blog…Sincerely…Frank Payton

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