The Serpent Of Genesis 3…Apples & Snakes?

A Super deep and revealing study with the great E.W. Bullinger…

This message is controversial…. the controversy is peculiar because of the lies and the misinterpretations / bad transliteration / mistranslations… of genuine yet faulty efforts of well-meaning people of the past.

This will probably be a 5 to 10 part study… I am going to start towards the end of the study and then work my way back… I’m doing this to gain interest and then kind of reinvestigate the WHY of the studies…

When done… you will have a total new attitude about Satan and stories of apples.

The history of Genesis 3 is intended to teach us the fact that Satan’s sphere of activities is in the religious sphere, and not the spheres of crime or immorality;

that his battlefield is not the sins arising from human depravity, but the unbelief of the human heart… we are not to look for Satan’s activity today in the newspaper press, or the police courts; but in the pulpit, and in your professors’ chairs.

Wherever the Word of God is called into question, there we see the trail of “that old serpent, which is the Devil and Satan”…

This is why anything against the true interests of the Word of God (as being such) find a ready admission into the newspapers of the world, and is treated as GENERAL LITERATURE. This is why anything in favor of its inspiration and Divine origin and its spiritual truth is rigidly excluded as being CONTROVERSIAL….

This is why Satan is quite content that the LETTER of Scripture should be accepted in Genesis 3 as he himself accepted the LETTER of Psalm 91:11. He himself could say…..”It is written”…(Matt 4: 6) so long as the LETTER of what is written could be put instead of the TRUTH that is conveyed by it; and so long as it is misquoted or misapplied… this is his object in perpetuating the traditions of the “snake” and the “apple” because it ministers to the acceptance of his lie, the hiding of God’s truth, the support of tradition, the jeers of the infidel, the opposition of the critics, and the stumbling of the weak in faith….. Please stay with Me part 2 coming soon….visit me at for this study….Appendix 19… of E.W. Bullinger’s Companion Study Bible…with some interjections by me…Frank Payton….I believe we are in a high season where truth is to be revealed….

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